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Goodluck Motor Company Limited
Add:Liaobu City West Town Management District of Dongguan into the road 11
Tel:0769-8323 9428
Fax:0769-8275 7595
MP:137 1531 8713

Hotline:0769-8323 9428

More than 20 years famous motor manufacturers

Engaged in micro-motor development, production, sales of enterprises, our team has more than 20 years of industry experience

Strong production capacity, annual output of more than 60 million units

Factory covers an area of more than 18000 square meters, staff more than 1600, more than 100 professional and technical engineers

Through a variety of certification, product quality assurance

Have passed the ISO9001:2008, CE, ROHS, UL certification, to provide you with high quality products。

Products sold at home and abroad

Product variety complete, best-selling China, the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and southeast Asia and other countries and regions。

To meet customer requirements, on time delivery

Select the appropriate materials, design pattern; Confirmed, according to the confirmation of manufacturing, testing, packaging and delivery on time

Professional engineers to provide technical support service for you

Professional customer engineers, spare no effort to meet your requirements, make sure to provide professional technical support services

Customer testimonials

Good quality and after-sales service in place!
From start a company to now, has been cooperating and HTC, hong da machine quality is very good, all abide by the ISO9001:2008 quality control system, we are at ease, and in your company to …
Technical service and good faith, let us rest assure…
Buy hong da motor, customers with professional engineers, can provide professional technical support services to us. And each time, can design according to the requirements of our sample mak…

About us

Goodluck Motor Company Limited

Dongguan city yun hong da motor is located in the factory of the world & hellip; & hellip; China, Lao step town, dongguan city, was founded in 2008, is specialized is engaged in the dc motor (a motorized, micro motor) research and development, production, sales of enterprises. Its products are widely used in household appliances, toys, electric tools, adult supplies, automotive, health care medical equipment, massage equipment, space, energy conservation and environmental protection etc. Company since its inception has been committed to producing high quality products and provide quality services

R&D center

New areas, we will continuously enterprising motor industry continuously develop modern motor core technology, and under international calls for energy conservation, emission reduction, develop more high-quality new products, for the company's broad strategic goals casting brilliant tomorrow.
Motor manufacturing experts!
0769-8323 9428

Common problems

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What is a stepper motor stepper motor is a kind of special accurate control for position and speed o…
The performance of the…
(1) good adaptability, high and low temperature performance, can be used indoors, outside, South and…
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Gear motor can be divided into gear reducer, gear box, which is commonly used to reduce the output s…
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